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Comprehensive Estate Planning Documents
Living Trust Binder includes:

  • Revocable Living Trust

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Property and Personal Affairs

  • Advance Health Care Directive with Living Will

  • Last Will and Testament with Pour-Over Provisions

  • Affidavit of Intent to Return Home

  • Medi-Cal and Long-Term Care Considerations

  • Legal Review

  • Certification of Trust

  • Schedule of Assets

  • Assignment of Personal Property

  • Funding Documents

  • Memorandum

  • Amendment Forms

  • Trustee’s Instructions

  • Successor Trustee Guide for Settling the Estate

  • Trust Overview

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The documents listed are not necessarily what is needed for each individual estate. The attorney, upon review, will advise what is necessary in order to accomplish one’s goals. You should always consult an attorney regarding your specific situation, as each individual’s needs are different. There are many companies that sell cheap, one-size-fits-all Living Trusts and other legal documents that may cause legal and tax problems to your estate, and leave you with a trust that is unfunded. Some experts estimate that over half of the trusts in California are not properly funded.  If your trust is not properly funded it can still go through probate as if there was no trust at all. The decision to plan for the future and discuss your estate should be done with a licensed professional, as it is important to be well informed when making such important decisions.